Gingrich Weighs In On Boehner, Midterms And The 'kardashian Culture'

October 18, 2013

Wearing a tight white swimsuit that accentuated her famous derriere, the blond beauty also flashed plenty of sideboob in the sultry shot. "#NoFilter," the 32-year-old wrote in the Instagram caption. Within five hours, nearly 400,000 people liked the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's latest pic. "Shake that ass Kim!

The couple have been sharing their sex plans on Twitter and Instagram despite Kardashian's interview with DuJour magazine, earlier this year, in which she discussed her attitude towards privacy. Kanye West taught Kim Kardashian a lot about privacy - apparently! Kardashian posted a raunchy swimwear photograph on her Instagram on Thursday (17th October), showing off her toned up post-baby body. She's left little to the imagination and displays, in the high cut white swim cut, her rather round backside. The 32-year-old posted the Instagram picture of Twitter much to the delight of her boyfriend West.

Oprah Winfrey, Kim Kardashian and Macklemore Among Celebs Honoring GLAAD's Spirit Day

There where no CLINTONCARE or OBAMACARE. Perhaps you have forgotten or you where very young to know what had happened. REWIND your TAPES you will see that the republicans careless about American people. You what to know more? Ask the right person whose NEW JUNCKY to tell you the truth.

Kim Kardashian TORMENTED By Cyber Trolls After Posting ‘Disgusting,’ ‘Nasty’ Instagram Selfie

In the shot, the gorgeous baby could be seen swaddled in a white blanket while lying on some plush white fur. E! News notes Khloe has been sticking close to her family these days as she continues to deal with issues regarding her estranged husband, Lamar Odom. On Monday night, the 29-year-old went boxing with little sister Kendall Jenner. On Sunday, she hugged brother Rob , whom she said she missed.

When they were together Kim and Reggie both did their share of cheating; Kim with Kanye (and whoever else), and Reggie with Carmen Ortega (and also with whoever else). Carmen admitted to having a fling with Reggie, and a YouTube video of her touring his home seemed to confirm it. Well just a few days ago sexy bikini visite site shots of Carmen Ortega taken by a swimming pool in the Hollywood Hills hit the web, and immediately blogs were bursting with comments about how Carmen has the bigger, nicer, and more natural booty than ol Kimmy Cakes. Now this was not something Kim was going to take laying down (although she does her share of that too), not just because she was being compared to a sexy model, but because she was being compared to the sexy model that Reggie cheated on her with.

Kim Kardashian looked like she was back to her bootylicious self when she posted an Instagram pic of her infamous booty on Instagram Wednesday night. Boyfriend Kanye West appreciated the gesture, Tweeting at Kim, HEADING HOME NOW. But her fans havent been so grateful for the snap, posting negative comments on the picture telling Kardashian that shes nasty, disgusting, nauseatingly huge, and worst of all, a bad example for her daughter, North . Am I the only one who thinks this is disgusting? user @thecityfox wrote on the pic, and they certainly werent alone in their thinking. User @laurenwolfeee wrote that the picture was So f*****g nasty. No wonder Kim and Kanye are good together, they are SO f*****g obsessed with themselves, and so unbelievably conceited.

With this year's Spirit Day takes place Thursday, Oct. 17, E! News runs down how Hollywood is commemorating the occasion, starting with a slew of stars spreading the good word on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Among them was Ashton Kutcher who tweeted a funny pic of himself and cast members Jon Cryer and Amber Tamblyn web link in honor of the special day.
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